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Base Development    

Base Quest Focus as at 15 Sept 2012

Congratulations on achieving level 6 Guild  & Base Lvl 3.

We now need to complete as many construction quests
 from the BaseManager as we can each day.
 Our priority will be to do constructions that will reduce
maintenance costs.  To this end we need to build up resources
 and collect void alloy (Allana) We have 63/100 needed. 

 Please do Allana Quest and mail Void Alloy to CordonBlue


please keep up the good work

ps.  Corp Leaders, now we have 2 more corps, please recruit new members

Welcome to Matrix

Guild Base Construction Quest benefits the guild and you, here is why:

Benefit Round 1 Round 2 Round3 Round 4
XP 195k 390k 585k 781k
Soul Coin 26s 97c 53s 94c 80s 92c 1g 7s 89c
Merit 2 3 4 5
Zeal 1 1 1 1
Contibution 2 3 4 5
Guild Reserve 20s 30s 50s 60s
Mana 2 3 4 5
Economy 3 5 7 9
Cultivation 3 5 7 9
Faith 3 5 7 9

See the Guild Base Manager NPC (can do every day) for a quest titled: "Daily Construction Quest" & "Benefits: Base Construction". You can do all 4 rounds 4 times a day. When we are actually building something you can also get quest from the Construction Manager NPC  (Note: Do Construction Manager Quest first when we have construction going on: - press "G" >Base >Construction to see if we do; get envelopes (Daily Construction Quest/Benefits Base Construction) from base manager, the go straight to construction manager for "Basic Construction Quest".) There is also a chance for an additional reward. Within our base there are npc's that give you soul coins, pets, and lionheart scrolls weekly. Also, you can purchase cheap pots and higher lvl skills and recipies. You can fish and gain special ingredients or gather resources around base.

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Matrix Guild Rules    

To stay viable and to increase the benefits available to its members, Matrix has a number of commitments it must achieve on a daily basis.  The most important of these being the development of the guild base by building new structures and the payment of daily maintenance fees and zeal to FW.


The amount of commitment/work required of the members will be minimal so long as all of us do some work each day and to achieve this, set out below are some simple rules that all guild members must follow.  Included are some general rules of conduct for the smooth running of the guild.


Please become a member of this site. Here you can tell us your stories, maybe pick up a nice piece of equipment cheaply or sell/give a piece of equipment to guild members. Suggest your ideas/wishes for the guild and fully participate in the life of Matrix.


Rules of Conduct


1.                  Do not use World Chat to air any grievances or discontent with the guild.

2.                  Do not verbally abuse or bully other guild members, if you have a grievance PM the guild  member and try to resolve the problem.

3.                  Do not expect any of management to solve personal disagreements.  (If guild leaders are brought into any disagreement the only course of action open to them is to dismiss both parties from the guild.)

4.                  Do not expect other guild members to help you by giving you gold or equipment.

5.                  Do become a member of the Matrix web site.

6.                  Do complete the guild requirements set out below.

7.                  Do respect the right of others and their rights to play and enjoy the game.

8.                  Do not cause distress or unwanted attention or report malicious information about other players.

9.                  Do not post or communicate any player’s real world information in any way what so ever.

10.              Do not in any way, (action, request, bribe, sell, etc) attempt to elicit real money from other players.


Guild Requirements


For all the below we will give new Guild Members a 1 week period of grace to find their feet after which they will be expected to be fully involved in guild life.


Level 20 to 50 must complete 20 contribution to the guild each week.  This can be achieved through guild quests obtained from Jessica at the Magic Fountain or the guild interface (press g and take the guild affairs).  (The completion of these should not interfere with game play as most of the quests are those completed on a daily basis, Life in the Harbour, Gods Trial, Nightmare Carnival and instances concurrent with your level. All that is required to gain extra xps is to take the guild affairs envelopes and the corresponding quest)


Level 50+ can use a combination of Guild Affairs, Guild base quests and Guild trade runs to increase guild funds, zeal and resources required to complete base constructions.  As a guide It is expected that each member will do 2 full trade runs + 7 construction envelopes, or 21 construction envelopes, or 45 contribution weekly. This is a guidline for us all to follow, but if you can justify a different combination please feel free to do so.  Remember at all times that ZEAL and FUNDS are never static and each day at midnight they are reduced by the system for base maintenance.  The Guild, your Guild is relying on you to do your bit to keep it viable and a place where all your work will be returned to you in benifits.   (This may look like a lot of work, but since the change a construction envelope can be done in 15 mins.  If I see we are surpassing the guild needs I will reduce our commitments, conversly if required I will increase.)


Alts are welcome to join the guild, however, every character in the guild must achieve these requirements.


Please let us know when you are away for a period of time, this will allow us to make allowances for the period of your absence.


Do remember that this is after all is said and done is, a GAME; to have fun, meet new people and learn a thing or two about cultures around the world. Who knows, you may make lifelong friends thousands of miles away !
More importantly this is YOUR GUILD and your participation in all aspects will make it a wonderful guild to be part of.

Are you a member and find that Matrix is not for you:

To stop the guild and yourself from loosing valuable Merit & Zeal, please ask to be removed from the guild.  If no Officers are on line, please be patient and as soon as one is available your request will be handled.



CF & Exo Schedule    
Monday    - CF 20h00
Tuesday   - CF 08h00
Wednesday - CF 20h00
Thursday  - CF 08h00
Friday    - CF 22h00
Saturday  - CF 08h00
Sunday    - ‚ÄčCF 18h00

The EXO events/times will be advised soon.
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